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What Is A Tealight Candle?

What Is A tealight Candle?

tealight candle (also called tea-light, t-lite, or tealight candle) are candles placed in thin metal or plastic cups. The name “tealight” derives from these candles’ original use as teapot warmers. Find more usages here. Compared to traditional scented or unscented candles, tealights are perhaps less practical and more decorative.

Tealights are typically small so that they can completely liquefy while burning. Besides, the wick is usually tethered to the bottom of the tin to prevent it from floating.

Depending on whether a tealight candle is scented or not, its uses could be different. Unscented candles are most typically used as a source of heat (e.g. to warm food or burn scented oil) or accent light. Scented candles may additionally have aromatherapy capabilities.

Since tealight candles are typically very small, multiple candles are burned to achieve the desired ambiance or level of light. Due to this, tealight candles are usually sold in bulk.

Things To Look For In The Best Tealight Candles

If a tealight candle is indeed what you are looking for, then let’s talk about the most important things that you should be paying attention to when shopping for the best tealight candles. With this information, the differences between the 5 reviewed candles should be clearer for you.


Candle wax – no matter the type of candle – is usually made from either paraffin or soy. There are some other types of wax as well, but these two are the ones that you will see the most in tea light candles.

Tea light candles are mostly made from paraffin. Paraffin generally has a stronger scent and is cheaper than soy, but it’s not as sustainable because it’s made from non-renewable crude oil.

Wax made from paraffin also tends to produce more soot and smoke than soy candles, though paraffin tealights can be smokeless. Moreover, long-term exposure to the pollutants emitted by paraffin may be linked with cancer. With that said, the risk is high only if you are exposed to the pollutants every day for years.

On the other hand, soy has a weaker scent and is usually more expensive, but it’s made from vegetable oil and is sustainable. And more importantly, it’s safer for frequent use.

Given all of the above, you should probably opt for soy candles if you are intending to use your tealights daily. Otherwise, paraffin candles shouldn’t threaten your health in any way.

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Scented vs unscented

Tealights mostly come unscented, though you may be able to find scented candles. For more variety, we’ve included a couple of scented candles on our list as well.

Unscented candles can only work as a source of heat or accent light, while scented candles can also deliver some aromatherapy benefits.

If looking for scented tealights, make sure to get a scent that you like. Aside from that, pay attention to what the candles are made from – tealights with no chemicals usually smell the best.

From what we can tell, scented tealight candles are much more expensive than unscented ones. If you are looking just for aromatherapy, then you may want to opt for standard scented candles – they might be more cost-efficient for your needs.

Number of candles

Tealight candles usually come in large bulks. 100 candles are pretty common, though you may find bigger sets.

If you are trying out tealights for the first time, then it would probably be more reasonable to go for a smaller pack. This way, if you don’t like the candles, you won’t be stuck with hundreds of them. You will also be saving money since smaller packs cost less up-front.

But once you find good tealights, you may get larger packs to save money.

sepehr tealight candle

red and green tealight candel sepehr asia


The packaging is also very important with tealight candles. When you are dealing with possibly hundreds of candles, you would want them to be packed neatly and tightly. This is crucial whether you are shopping offline or online.

If shopping online, then check out the buyer reviews of the desired pack. If people haven’t had issues with the packaging, then you probably won’t have any either.

Candle size

Tealight candles are usually placed in tealight holders. If you are intending to use them this way as well, then check the size of the candle tins – they shouldn’t be bigger than the candle sockets in the holder.

This won’t matter that much if the candles will be placed on the floor or a table. But if you have limited space, then pay attention to the candle size as well.

Floating ability

Tealight tins can generally float in water, so they may be used in the bath. However, not every tealight candle can do this, so check the product description if you are intending to place the candles in water.

Burning time

Pay attention to the burning time of tealight candles as well – this allows you to compare the efficiency of the candles. Check the burning time against the size of the candle – even at the same size, some candles may burn longer than others.


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