Production customization, custom production

Sepehr Asia Company, utilizing available resources and years of experience, has been producing custom orders (candles) under private labels since 2021. These services can include design, packaging, storage, transportation, and more, tailored to your needs. Alongside custom production, customization options are available for customers, meaning exclusive production of candles with your desired colors, packaging, sizes, etc.

شمع بدون نام مجموعه سپهر (تولید سفارشی شمع سپهر)

Custom Color Production:

All available colors in the Sepehr collection can be precisely produced using Sepehr Candle’s equipped production line. Business owners with specific organizational colors or customers interested in special candle colors can benefit from these services.

تولید سفارشی شمع سپهر

color of sepehr

Design and Packaging:

In the Sepehr Design Department, services such as label design, packaging, cartons, logo design, and initial branding are provided. These services can also be offered separately according to customers’ desires. Customers who have a brand and distribution capabilities but lack production facilities can have their products manufactured and received under their own brand name with the best quality from Sepehr Candle Making Company through a contract. The company, after obtaining quality approval from them and considering all existing standards and sensitivities, produces and delivers the product to the owners of the brand.
It’s worth mentioning that all products in the Sepehr collection are customizable, but currently, we only offer these services to wholesale customers. These products mainly include various types of warmers in different weights, materials, taper candles, and votive candles. Contact information for the Sepehr team is available for coordination and ordering of such services in the Contact Us section. We look forward to serving you.