Installation and Setup of Paraffin and Candle Production Line

One of the services offered by Sepehr Asia to those interested in entering the Candle Production industry or to existing colleagues is consulting and setting up paraffin and Candle production line. The Sepehr Asia engineering and commercial team, leveraging experienced domestic and international specialists, is capable of establishing new production lines and developing existing ones. Sepehr Group’s specialists will accompany you throughout the process, using engineering methods and work stage planning, to achieve the desired outcome.

Advantages of Automated Production

In today’s industrial world, competition is an inseparable part of production. Issues such as production costs, high labor costs, and the cost of production space have made automated production a popular method among business owners and in

sepehr candle product line

product line automatic sepehr asia candle

dustries. The advantages of this production method include:

  • Reduced production costs.
  • Precise control and monitoring of qualitative and quantitative parameters.
  • The ability to produce more products.
  • System performance improvement and product quality enhancement.
  • Improved safety.
  • Increased profitability.
  • Organization in production.
taper candle product line

taper candle product line in sepehr company

The Sepehr Candle Collection boasts the most modern candle production line.
Proper and seamless installation and setup of machinery are crucial for uniform production and avoiding interruptions in the production process. Sepehr’s experts offer their services to help you maximize the benefits of purchased equipment. Additionally, along with reducing production time, production costs will decrease, leading to increased profit margins.
Upon the arrival of your production line or machinery at the factory site, the following operational tasks will be carried out:

  1. Dispatching experienced technicians for the installation, setup, and maintenance of machinery.
  2. Training employees and machine operators on the correct use of the equipment.
  3. Providing ongoing technical assistance and support.
  4. Assisting and training staff to develop a maintenance plan for the machinery.