Sepehr Asia Candle Making Company is one of the oldest and top producers and exporters of various types of candles such as tealight candle, taper candle, jar candle, etc.

Why candles?

Candles have always been an integral part of human life and culture. They have held significant value in ancient cultures, rituals, customs, and even literature. Researchers estimate its origin to be more than 5000 years ago. Egyptians, Romans, Iranians, and Chinese are regarded as pioneers in candle production. Alongside its practical use for illumination and warmth, candles evoke positive energy, nostalgia, and have been present throughout history among various societies.
although light bulbs have brought more illumination to our homes, but candles still leave a solid mark in all our sorrows and joys.

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The beginning of Sepehr Candle’s journey…

In the late 2017, we, as the Sepehr group or rather family, formed to produce candles industrially and mechanized. The rapid pace of technological advancement and increasing consumer expectations urged us to step into a realm where we could meet domestic needs in line with contemporary world technology. We hope to always satisfy our audience and establish our name among the top producers in this industry.
The goal of Sepehr Asia Candle Making Company is to reach international candle markets and compete with international brands in this industry. To achieve this goal, we have produced Sepehr products with the best raw materials and the newest technologies, and we will always strive to improve them. In our Sepehr product range, which we are diversifying every day, there are warm, taper, and votive candles.

The Sepehr team consists of individuals who produce products with enthusiasm and commitment that meet customers’ needs. Creativity, expertise, and dedication can be mentioned as the characteristics of the Sepehr Asia team. Our company, as one of the largest candle manufacturers and suppliers in Iran, will accompany you in all stages of work, from obtaining raw materials to packaging final products, and ultimately to your satisfaction.

Sepehr candles elevate your intimate world.

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