100 Pieces Tealight Candle

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Cup Material aluminum- pc / polycarbonate
Cup Diameter 38 Millimeter
Cup Height 14 Millimeter
Packing 100 Pieces
Weight/Burning Time
13 gr -5 Hours
12 gr – 4 Hours
11 gr – 3.5 Hours
6 gr – 2.5 Hours
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product introduction

Tealight candles or candle warmers are small, round, short-lived candles that are usually placed in a small candle holder. They are usually produced with a diameter of about 3 to 3.5 cm and a height of about 1.5 to 2 cm. Warmers are known as one of the most popular types of candles, but aside from beauty, they are also used for a variety of purposes. Sepehr tealight candles are offered in packs of 10, 50 and 100 pieces.

Product Specifications

Sepehr tealight candles are available in the market in a pack of 100 cardboard pieces. These candles are produced in different weights and fuel hours, as well as different colors. Compared to candles of the same category and weight, these candles have higher fuel hours and burn without smoke. The cup of these tealight is made of aluminum and polycarbonate, the dimensions of which vary according to the fuel hours.

Tealight candle applications

  • Home decoration: These candles are used as a small and attractive decorative element in homes. They can be placed alone or in lamps with different designs and make the space more beautiful and pleasant.
  • Space lighting: Warmers are often used to add light to small spaces such as dinner tables and coffee tables. They can help to liven up the night and create a romantic effect in the space.
  • Table setting and events: tealights are usually used in various events such as weddings, special events and parties as part of the decoration or to create a romantic atmosphere.
Safe storage and use of Tealight Candles
  • After use, extinguish the candle completely and ensure that it has cooled down.
  • Placement of candles: Candles should be kept away from curtains, books and any other flammable material.
  • Care during use: Never leave candles unattended and always extinguish them before leaving the room or going to bed.

Tealights candles are known as one of the popular and multifunctional candles that, in addition to beauty, can help create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.

quality guarantee

As one of the reputable manufacturers of candles, Sepehr Group guarantees the quality of its products by using well-equipped laboratories in order to win the trust of customers. In our collection, we are committed to providing the best type of raw materials.

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