Tealight Cup

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7 gr Burning Time: 2.5 Hours
11 gr Burning Time: 3.5 Hours
12 gr Burning Time: 4.5 Hours
13 gr Burning Time: 5


Cup material: aluminum, glass, plastic
Cup diameter: 35mm, 38mm
Cup height: 8mm, 13mm

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product introduction

In recent years, the Tealight Candle has attracted many fans. Cost-effectiveness, beauty, applicability in space design and many of its features have made it popular. In addition, having a cup as in this type of candle and not needing a holder is one of the advantages of warmer candles. Tealight Cup is usually made of aluminum polycarbonate. In recent years, glass and plastic cups are also produced. Cup warmer should have high heat resistance. It is also necessary that it has an acceptable strength against blows or breakage. Therefore, it is important to choose the right Tealight Cup for candle makers.

Product Specifications

Sepehr candle cups are produced with aluminum polycarbonate material. These cups vary in size and have higher resistance than other cups. Cup sizes include:

  • Diameter 38 mm (height 13)
  • Diameter 35 mm (height 8)

which can be suitable for candles with different weight and hours of fuel from 6 grams with (2.5 hours of fuel) to 13 grams (5 hours of fuel). In addition, it will be economical to buy a cup from a major manufacturer. Was. Other features of the aluminum warmer candle cup can be mentioned. As:
Heat resistance: Aluminum is a material that has high heat tolerance and can withstand the temperature caused by a candle flame well.
Light weight: Aluminum is a light material, so these cups are easier to carry and move.
Recyclability: Aluminum is a material that can be easily recycled, so using aluminum cups is also a good choice from an environmental point of view.

Ease of use: If you are making candles at home or have a small workshop, the ease of using a cup warmer is certainly important to you.


quality guarantee

As one of the reputable manufacturers of candles, Sepehr Group guarantees the quality of its products by using well-equipped laboratories in order to win the trust of customers. In our collection, we are committed to providing the best type of raw materials.